Salient Features of students support facilities :

  • Teachers prepare themselves from time to time to cater to the needs of the changing syllabi
  • Students performance is monitored through tests, assignments  sessional exams etc, and parents teachers meeting is held regularly to inform about their wards
  • Well-equipped  labs with sophisticated instruments, well aerated and ventilated classrooms 
  • Library with more than 50,000 thousand books
  • High-end technology auditorium for college activities
  • Smart room & language labs to supplement for the students’  communications skills  
  • Sports room with Gym facilities and indoor games 
  • Study hours, JEE & NEET classes are conducted

 Our college students have excelled in their academic progress and brought laurels to the institution. Our students have distinction marks in their II PU board exams 

  1. Farheen Taj
  2. Nithin Gowda
  3. Abhishek
  4. Sneha 
  5. Aman Akthar

The institution has from time to time encouraged students to participate in extra-circular and co-circular activities 

“ Debateens” – An inter school debate competition  is organized 

 for the budding talents of High School students.

 Henceforth, Visveswarapura Pu college of science strives for the overall development of students